Architectural Fee Calculator


Note: This calculator is for educational purposes – to help you get a better understanding of how fees are structured. These values are not quotes nor binding in any way.

How to Use this Calculator

  1. Begin working out your Project Cost by entering your squared meterage. If you don’t know exactly how big your house will be, don’t worry, just estimate.
  2. Next, enter your estimated building cost per meter. We have set it at an average cost, but costs will vary based on your area and various other factors. Perhaps ask around from friends, family or neighbours to establish an idea of cost in your area.
  3. Take the value in Construction Costs and find the range in the table that covers it. Your amount will fall somewhere between the values listed in columns A and B.
  4. Set the SAICAP Fee Percentage slider to the corresponding amount as read from the table, found in column D.
  5. The base fee is sometimes applicable and sometimes waived by Architects. So your final service fee will be either the amount shown next to Architectural % Fee or that amount plus the amount listed in column C, the base fee.

This is the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) guidelines for how much Architectural Fees should be, based on the project cost.