We get this question a lot. How do you choose the right builder?

You spend a great deal of time and hard work to save up to build your dream home or to do that much-needed renovation. We have the following tips to make the right decision when appointing a building contractor.


Word of mouth is a fantastic way of reaching a trusted builder. If someone recommends a builder or used a particular contractor previously, this person is not only working to gain the job but working for the referral.


Before you give this person the job you will need to do your part. Ask for 3 previous client’s details and visit recently completed jobs. Get in touch with the client and ask them about their experience with the contractor. Did he stick to the programme and budget? How did he manage the snag list? This will give you an indication of the contractor’s work ethics and how your project’s end result will look like.


Building projects, especially when it’s your home, is emotional and stressful. If possible avoid using friends and family members with your project as it places strain on the relationship. If you have no other choice make sure you have a clear communication line by using an architectural professional. Your designer can be a useful mediator if need be.


Make sure that you know exactly what you want build. Keep a dream book for your project and document images that inspire you and that you want incorporated in the design. Appoint an architectural professional to document and translate your dream design to the builder. It will save you more money in the long run and prevent unnecessary mistakes and re-dos.


Trust your professional. Your architect will have a team of trusted contractors to refer and will keep your best interests at heart when appointing the contractor. The architect can also function as the principal agent during the construction phase of your project and facilitate the much needed building contract.