Dwarsberg Pods


Dwarsberg Trout Hideaway

Dwarsberg Trout Hideaway is a well-established holiday destination outside Rawsonville. The premises boast with a wedding venue, self-catering cottages and camp sites along the Breederiver. Due to the growing popularity of the function venue and the limited accommodation available on site the need for more guest accommodation was formed. The brief consists of self-catering guest units accommodating 4 to 6 guests at a time. Each unit should have separate bedrooms and bathrooms and accommodate couples as well as corporate guests. The appointment started as a container development. Reusing and refurbishing shipping containers into guest accommodation. However, during the design development process, the challenges faced by the remote site and costs it became clear that a different approach needs to be taken.

Light steel construction and prefabricated timber panels became the solution. This allowed for the bulk of the work to be constructed off site and permitted easy assembling on site. The interior will be cladded with birch timber creating a simple and elegant feel. Externally the pods are cladded with matt charcoal corrugated sheeting so that it resembles a container and the dark colour will allow the units to fade into the landscape. Large glazed openings allow nature into the space and creates inside-outside living.

The units will be well insulated as the units are constructed out of light steel and the cavity is filled with cavity-batt insulation. Light impact is made to the landscape as each unit uses pole foundation lifting it from the ground. Careful consideration has been taken in positioning the units to maximise the views and to create privacy between units.

This project was completed in 2019.

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